RE: Polikarpov R-1 review
16 Nov 95 08:00:00 EST

G'Day all,

Fingers and larynx once again in synch, Matt wrote:
>Just got the Model Russia Polikarpov R-1, and wanted to give my first
>impressions on it. As you might or might not know, the R-1 is a
>Russian built DH9/DH4. My example cost $7.95.

and apart from lots of other interesting stuff said:
>Kit decals are - well - decals. Although I'll reserve judgement
>until I try one on a scrap of plastic, I would rather find the Blue
>Rider mag and use their decals.

Absolutely worth it. The B-R decals in Insignia are well up to the
standards of their normal line.

Then he said:
> A major shortcoming, though, is that the undersides of
>the wings don't have any rib detail. A shame, really, since the tops
>have very realistic rib detail.

Is this _really_ a fault? Looking at the picture on the foot of page 22
of Insignia (Yup, I have it at work :-0 ) there is no evidence whatever
of ribs _underneath_ the wings. This is common enough, since on the
relatively flat lower surface theres no reason for the fabric to pull
down (or rather - up) between the ribs. My experience of the real thing
doesn't include a DH-4 /DH-9/R-1 but it's evident on the WW1 aircraft in

In 1:72 you should probably leave em out, but since even at that tiny
scale our senses demand detail albeit oversized, engrave the rib tapes
with a tool made with two scalpel blades glued together, or go nuts
making decal strip tapes.