Re: Camel 2F.1, N6812 (was: the 1995 UK IPMS Nationals)

Hirohisa Ozaki (
Thu, 16 Nov 95 16:20:42 JST

Joe, Thank you for your prompt answer.

>>>>> Boeke Joseph R <> writes:

Joe> I understand from Barry at Rosemont, that one of the next data file
Joe> reprints will be on the 2F.1 (#6 I think). He told me by Christmas, but
Joe> I am thinking that it probably won't be out until spring.

Thank you again for taking this information .
I will wait for reprints it.

Joe> I am in the same boat. From what I know right now, the airfix kit isn't
Joe> a very good reproduction of N.6812. For one thing, it only has one above
Joe> wing lewis gun, in addition to a fuselage mounted vickers. Others (Matt)
Joe> have commented that the Airfix model is screwed up in alot of other ways,
Joe> and would require a great deal of work.

Too long wing span, narrow fuserage near tailplanes and what not.
Let's hold out each other!

Joe> I am in the process of building Culley's machine also (as well as the
Joe> lighter that the 2F.1 was towed on. If you can get a copy of Cross &
Joe> Cockade Intl' (v26 n2) I highly reccomemnd it (as someone did to me).
Joe> There is alot of info on the lighters, and some good pictures of RNAS
Joe> 2F.1s and F.1s used on the lighters.

I will search that I can get a copy of it from somewhere.

Regards, Hiro.

--Hirohisa Ozaki