Re: Re[4]: Interior color: Sopwith Baby

mark (
Thu, 16 Nov 1995 00:42:16 -0800

> On 11/15/95, Stonto (Hmmmmm, kemosabe.....) wrote:
> Funny thing is that a lot of the detail that all these brass
> vendors are selling us really does get hidden. We know its
> there, though; I guess that's a small moral victory.
> Take it easy ----- Stephen Tontoni
> Tell me about it. I was examining my unbuilt Eduard HB D.I (Starstrutter)
the other night, as I'm thinking of making it my next project. Seems like
the "hole" (sorry, guys, I know there must be a technical term for this but
it escapes me at the moment) for the cockpit is so small that being able to
see any of the interior detail will be impossible without the aid of an
extremely miniscule flashlight, or perhaps fiber optics. This may call for
one of the Atlee pilot figures I recently got, though I'm not sure he'll be
fat enough....
Mark R.