Re: Re[2]: Interior color: Sopwith Baby

mark (
Thu, 16 Nov 1995 00:54:57 -0800

> On 11/15/95, Bill Ciciora wrote:
>And here I thought I was the only one left in the world who still puts
>pilot figures in model aircraft ;-) Even average weight pilot figures
>cover a multitude of sins.
>Bill Ciciora
>You are not alone, Bill - I use them quite a bit, if not all the time. I
tend to think that a pilotless plane somehow looks incomplete - after all,
those things didn't fly all by themselves. My problem is that most
manufacturers pilot figures don't measure up to the quality of their kits -
especially when it comes to the issue of scale. Two different kits that are
supposedly of the same scale will have pilot figures that are as different
in size as Andre the Giant and a pygmy. Therefore I highly recommend the
pilot figures that Atlee has come out with in resin - a little pricey ($7.00
for 1/48 and $4.00 for 1/72) but definitely worth it.
Mark R.