UK IPMS Nationals, Libramodels/Scalepla
16 Nov 95 16:13:00 EST


>Scaleplanes: [which is also Libramodels- Joe Chubbock doing the vacs]
>These are reissues of the vac form kits with the addition of decals and
>etched interior pieces at 8.00

>SP016-Airco DH5

If this is really Jocks old Libramodels masterpiece I want, hell, I NEED,
another one !

The Libramodels 1:72 DH5 _had_ decals "Christchurch Old Boys Club" of
excellent quality, white metal parts likewise, and was (and remains) one
of the most enjoyable vacforms I've ever built. It makes a fine replica
which agrees with the (much later) datafile quite well.

Now who will make me one in 1:48