Sopwith Baby and Fat Pilots
16 Nov 95 19:12:00 EST

> On 11/15/95, Bill Ciciora wrote:
>And here I thought I was the only one left in the world who still puts
>pilot figures in model aircraft ;-) Even average weight pilot figures
>cover a multitude of sins.
>Bill Ciciora

Of course, it depends on where you get the enjoyment from your modelling.
My conservative little engineer mind takes delight in the intricacies of
the machine, and the lines of the airframe. To put a pilot figure in
would be to obscure some of that interesting detail. OTOH an accompanying
nicely made standing figure, or even one mounting :-0 his aircraft - now
THAT looks good. Another perfect example of modelling for your own
enjoyment and not someone elses.