Re: Re[2]: Interior color: Sopwith Baby

Bill Ciciora (
Thu, 16 Nov 95 10:33:13 EST

On Thu, 16 Nov 1995 00:54:57 Mark wrote:

>My problem is that most
>manufacturers pilot figures don't measure up to the quality of their kits -
>especially when it comes to the issue of scale. Two different kits that are
>supposedly of the same scale will have pilot figures that are as different
>in size as Andre the Giant and a pygmy. Therefore I highly recommend the
>pilot figures that Atlee has come out with in resin - a little pricey ($7.00
>for 1/48 and $4.00 for 1/72) but definitely worth it.

Testors seems to have the most difficulty with getting pilot scale right. The
figures included with their 1:48 Spad and Nie 17 look like they belong in 1:72
aircraft! Ironically, the best figure I ever found in a kit came from one of
the cheapest: a Smer 1:48 Dr,I. Size looked right, pilot face and other details
were crisp. I should have saved him and cast my own resin clones of him,
instead of building him as Manfred :-)

I guess I'll go the Atlee route when I finally work up the nerve to build my
Eduard kits. Do they have a catalog that you can write for?

Bill Ciciora