Re: Sopwith Baby and Fat Pilots

Bill Ciciora (
Thu, 16 Nov 95 10:43:13 EST

On 16 Nov 95 19:12:00 EST Shane wrote:

>Of course, it depends on where you get the enjoyment from your modelling.
>My conservative little engineer mind takes delight in the intricacies of
>the machine, and the lines of the airframe. To put a pilot figure in
>would be to obscure some of that interesting detail. OTOH an accompanying
>nicely made standing figure, or even one mounting :-0 his aircraft - now
>THAT looks good. Another perfect example of modelling for your own
>enjoyment and not someone elses.

You are correct, sir! :)

I may change my mind if I ever get to that state of modelling expertise,
but then again, like Mark, the plane just looks incomplete to me without
a pilot sitting in it. I enjoy looking at other modellers' fine detail
work in an empty aircraft, but I just like the pilot in there for my
own collection.

Bill Ciciora