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26 Oct 1995 09:26:07 -0800

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By far the best drawings I have seen for the Se-5a, or anything else for that
matter, are from Jim Kiger of Replicraft. His recently finished Se-5a drawings
(they were over 2 years in the making) seem to be completely from factory
references with all dimensions listed. I do mean all dimensions. The specific
gauge and type of metal for fittings that will never be seen are all over the
plans. I have absolutely no doubt that an accurate 1:1 flying replica could be
built from these drawings alone.

Currently Jim has the following drawings available.

Handroit HD.I 3 sheets $40
Sopwith Pup 5 sheets $45
Sopwith Camel 6 sheets $45
Sopwith Triplane 6 sheets $45
Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter 6 sheets $45
Thomas Morse Scout 5 sheets $45
Nieuport 27 5 sheets $45
RAF SE-5a 9 sheets $90
Sopwith Snipe Work in Progress

All are drawn to 1/5 scale on sheets of 30x77 in

1st class postage rolled in a tube is $4 in the USA $13 overseas.
All payments must be in US funds from a bank with a US branch.

Jim Kiger
1400 Gomes Rd.
Freemont, CA 94539

I bought the Pup drawings to help with the Balsa USA 1/3 scale Pup I got last
Christmas (from my girlfriend) and immediately sent him another check for the 1
1/2 Strutter and the Triplane. A good friend bought the RAF SE-5a at the same
time. In our opinions, all were extremely undervalued. My friend is a 1/72 and
1/48 static modeler and still found them must haves.

As usual, all discaimers apply. I have never met Jim nor do I see any
kickbacks. I am just a very satisfied customer.

Thayer Syme
San Francisco
Date: 10/26/95 6:02 AM
To: Thayer Syme
On 26 Oct 95 at 7:39, Boeke Joseph R typed diligently:

> Saw this on USENET. Anybody know if there are any other plans (WWI)
> available?

Well, there are the plans in the Datafile (#10).

If he's looking for "real plans", or something of the "original"
vein, then get a hold of WW1 Aero. They publish a list of plans (as
well as other goodies) for about $12. He might find what he's
looking for. Sorry I can't help out in the flying scales.


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