Re: Interesting Fok DVII Color Scheme

Bill Shatzer (
Thu, 26 Oct 1995 16:32:52 -0700

Jess Stuart writes:

>> And, your observation that the forward 'center-section' strut is mounted
>> higher on the fuselage than on a 'normal' D.VII is correct as well -
>> again, something I hadn't picked up on before. (it seems to be
>> slightly further aft as well) Again, the question is 'why'?
>> If you look at the photos of the D.VII with the engine panels removed
>> on page 21 of the Datafile, its obvious that the strut has to be
>> attached to the curved fuselage 'stringer' (or whatever its called)
>> immediately above the straight stringer the forward 'center-section'
>> strut is attached to in the 'normal' D.VII. I can't figure out any
>> rational reason for this change.
> The forward strut position probably has something to do with the
>plywood-covered fuselage. The less holes the plywood has the stronger it
>is, plus it is easier to mass produce.

Ah, but the strut attaches in the area covered by _metal_ engine
panels and _those_ couldn't be made outa plywood - the heat build
up would kill 'em! Plus, of course. you couldn't poke a hole in
the panel, install the strut and then get the engine panel off
again without disassembling the entire strut. The 'holes' for
the struts gotta be on the edges of the panels - more 'notches'
than holes.

So, I don't think that is the answer and the mystery continues.


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