Re: Interesting Fok DVII Color Scheme

Paul Butler (
Fri, 27 Oct 1995 11:30:06 +1100

In a recent post Bill Shatzner quoted Jess Stuart

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>> attached to the curved fuselage 'stringer' (or whatever its called)

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It may be of value if we had a glossary of terms available on a web page, if
Al agrees, so that people can look up a term if they are uncertain such as
in the example above. Such a glossary would have to be indexed by concept
as well as by word for it to be workable.

I am happy to volunteer to create such a web since I creat on-line doco for
the web as part of my job. However I will need some input for content.

Getting back to the example above, I think the word that Jess was looking for
was "longeron" which is the main longitudinal load carrying member of a fuselage
structure. A "stringer" is usually a light longitudinal member meant to support
of stiffen the surface rather than be part of the primary structure. There are
exceptions to this of course, particularly in the design of thin shell metal

In my first job, 1965 to 1969, I worked as a structural engineer in an aircraft
factory and the terms I mentioned above were in common use there. Perhaps other
people have a different experience?


Paul Butler