Airco DH9 question

Hirohisa Ozaki (
Fri, 27 Oct 95 10:38:24 JST

About a month ago, I posted article about cooling unit of Airco DH9 to rec.models.scale.
And nobody answer until now:-(

My question is below.
A few days ago, I got Bluerider's D.H.9 conversion kit for Airfix D.H.4.
It is very nice kit. But I cannot understand assembly of cooling unit.

Where do I fit radiator(included kit), water reserve tank and pipes(not
included, and I don't know how to make it) at fuserage?
Bluerider's instruction and some references shows only side plans.
I can understand only oil cooler position(as like Hawker Fury's) from there.
But oil cooler parts is not included in Bluerider's kit.

Please any helpful suggestion.

Thanks, Hirohisa Ozaki

I read again Bluerider's instruction.
I found resources that probably I can get written there, The Windsock Vol.8
issue No.32.

Does anyone knows that above reference solve my questions?
And please teach me number of "Windsock issue No.32" in Vol.8.

Regards, Hiro.

--Hirohisa Ozaki