Re: Interesting Fok DVII Color Scheme

Bill Shatzer (
Thu, 26 Oct 1995 21:02:35 -0700

>In a recent post Bill Shatzner quoted Jess Stuart
>----- Begin Included Message -----
>>> attached to the curved fuselage 'stringer' (or whatever its called)
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>It may be of value if we had a glossary of terms available on a web page, if
>Al agrees, so that people can look up a term if they are uncertain such as
>in the example above. Such a glossary would have to be indexed by concept
>as well as by word for it to be workable.
>I am happy to volunteer to create such a web since I creat on-line doco for
>the web as part of my job. However I will need some input for content.

Excellent idea! Would Alan have room for this on his WW1 web page?
That might be the logical place to put it.

>Getting back to the example above, I think the word that Jess was looking for
>was "longeron" -snips-

Don't blame Jess, it was I that was misusing the word - and longeron was,
indeed, the term I was groping for.


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