Mick Fauchon (ulmjf@dewey.newcastle.edu.au)
Fri, 27 Oct 1995 16:12:19 +1000 (EST)

Hi, gang,

Yippee!!.....I got it! At last!.....
In case you hadn't guessed, I picked up my Eduard Pup last night,
so I thought I'd pass on my first impressions "straight out-of-the-box".
Forgive me if some of it's been dealt with before.....
It's magnificent.....it's *beautiful*......I'm in love 80)
At first glance it even looks to be much more refined in quality
than E's earlier offerings.....not that there was anything wrong with them.
The box-art is very nice, and I see it's one of their "Warbirds"[?] series:
is this new?
My kit had minimal flash, and some minor surface deformation on
some parts, but nothing to worry about.
The following is not intended as nit-picking, just my impressions.
THe induction intakes should be located somewhat further back [i.e.
"aft", for Naval types 80)], ~2mm, IMHO.
I find it difficult to relate to flat push-rod tubes and exhaust
manifold, and I think I'd be inclined to use the Aeroclub motor.
Yes, the king-post should be visibles, but that's easily fixed, and
it would probably be a good idea to do more work on the tail-skid and its
associated "suspension" at the same time; my inclination would be to
scratch-build it.
The obvious lack of the exhaust channel can be rectified, but it
shouldn't need to be in a kit of this quality. While they supply lots of
cockpit detail, they missed the hand-pump [included in other kits, albeit
in 2-d], the fuel-pressure guage, and the oil sight-glass, but those can
also be scratch-built.
While the m/g feed-tray and bin are included, the ejector is not
Undercarriage legs should be painted in PC-10, not lacquered like
the struts, as in the colour drawings; the cabane struts can also be painted
or lacquered, according to individual a/c.
OTOH, it scales out exactly according to Ian Stair's drawings,
but is a smidgeon out, according to Peter Grey's, which are somewhat
On the whole, I found it a delightful kit, generally quite
faithful to its subject, and can't wait to start building it. Well
worth the $A31 I paid for it.



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