RE: Pup
27 Oct 95 16:25:00 EDT


> Hi, gang,

> Yippee!!.....I got it! At last!.....
(snip, your review)

Yippee indeed. Since I posted you about receiving mine (yesterday?,
Wednesday?) I've added 2 more to the plastic pile, courtesy of that
little plastic card that Amex lets me use sometimes.

I really wish I could buy more, a bloody strange attitude when I have so
many unbuilt kits already. Its just that it IS a VERY attractive kit, and
there are so many possibilities.

I appreciate your deficiency list. I spent last night comparing cockpit
to photos (Pup datafile and special) and airframe to drawings with the
same list. You saved me some typing old mate !

Not that I mind in the least. As you noted, the exhaust channel should
really have been done but the other detail omissions are OPPORTUNITIES,
not deficiencies. I expect the reason the exhaust channel is NOT done is
that they would not be able to mould with a 2 piece mould due to the
undercut without being a little more sophisticated in their engineering.

Nevertheless, as a kit, my favourite Eduard product. (Hannover still my
great love)