Re: Robot wars in the WWI Mailing list

Allan Wright (
Fri, 27 Oct 1995 08:58:21 -0400 (EDT)

> Alan I guess that you've probably noticed, but it looks like John Snyder
> has set his vacation program to reply to E-mail with a note that he is out
> of the office until November 6.
> As a result it looks as if postings to the mailing list are causing a loop
> from him, since these replies are being sent to postings from the mailing
> list and these in turn are generating further replies when those get sent
> back to him.
> You might want to temporarily drop him from the mailing list, and send a
> note to him explaining why. Otherwise I'm afraid that we'll all get
> innundated until he gets back.
> This morning I got something like 26 email messages, 21 of which were these
> robo-notes!

Try 161 in my mailbox this morning (I'm still working out a mailer error that
sends me a warning message for every message sent to the list) ARGH! I deleted
him from the list - this thing really pissed me off - those vacation programs
specificly state this will happen if you belong to a mailing list and people
still don't RTFM.

Anyways, my appologies to the list - if this had happened while I was at
work it would have been less painfull.


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