Re: Robot wars in the WWI Mailing list

Bill Shatzer (
Fri, 27 Oct 1995 09:32:04 -0700

Bravo Al! Thanks for your quick work in killing the 'robot

In fairness to John Snyder, before we all send him messages
containing lots of four letter words on his return on Nov 6,
we should remember that while his error was _dumb_, it was
not malicious and was an error most of us could have made
if our brain really wasn't fully engaged - as mine occassionally isn't.

Actually, now that the robot is dead, I beginning to find the
entire episode both amusing and educational. Technology run
amuk! Welcome to the information Superhighway. (Just how many
times _could_ that robot message have been generated between
now and November 6, anyway? 6.023 x 10 ^ 23?)

Note for Al: Does your major domo server have the equivilent of
the NOMAIL command used by some of the Listservers to turn off
mail from the list temporarily? I tried the NOMAIL message with the
WW1 list before I went on vacation but your server rejected it.
Maybe that's what happened in this case.


Bill Shatzer - - -