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Matt Bittner (
Fri, 27 Oct 1995 11:54:48 -0500

Just got back from the local 'shop, and they had in the Russian
manufacture Il'ya Muromets. I got to open it up and look at it -
money's tight, so it's in my "hold bin" - and it looks ok. The
plastic detail looks soft, but who's going to complain too loud for
$20. It's HUGE.

Looking at it, though, I'm reminded of the Russian manufacture
Grigorivich M.5. A nice kit, but you'll definitely have to replace
the struts - or clean them up, which looks like a task. The only
other impression I got concerned the decals. Definitely an area for

I also got to look at the lastest release list from MMD. The only
thing kind-of interesting for us (although a little more for me) is
the release of a Russian manufacture Polikarpov R-1. It's related
because it's a "Russian built" DH9a. I'll reserve judgement until
mine comes in. (This is perfect for the new Blue Rider magazine that
comes with R-1 decals.)

Nothing else would really strike our fancy - except for you 109
'heads. MPM's next release is the 109 T.


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