Re: Interesting Fok DVII Color Scheme

Bill Shatzer (
Fri, 27 Oct 1995 13:19:50 -0700

>> > The forward strut position probably has something to do with the
>> >plywood-covered fuselage. The less holes the plywood has the stronger it
>> >is, plus it is easier to mass produce.
>> >
>> Ah, but the strut attaches in the area covered by _metal_ engine
>> panels and _those_ couldn't be made outa plywood - the heat build
> Thats my point. With the strut attached normally, the ply-wood would
>need a hole cut it it. Why take the time to cut a hole in ply-wood when metal
>is easier to cut.
But the 'normal' strut attachment point is also to an area covered
by metal engine panels and where you couldn't substitute plywood
'cause of the potential heat problems.

The attachment points for both the experimental plywood D.VII and
the 'normal' D.VII are both forward of the engine 'firewall' in an
area where metal, not plywood, was and would have to be used. I'd
assume that only the area aft of the firewall would used the
plywood fuselage. Why, then, the redesign the area forward of the
firewall, especially with an item as crucial to structural integrity
as a strut?

You're probably right, its gotta be contected to the plywood fuselage
somehow, but its gotta be something more complicated then just the
problems of cutting holes in plywood. Neither strut location would
have required cutting a hole in plywood 'cause there wouldn't be
any plywood in either location - just metal.


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