Re: Airco DH9 question

Hirohisa Ozaki (
Mon, 30 Oct 95 10:23:01 JST

"Matt" == Matt Bittner <> writes:

>> Where do I fit radiator(included kit), water reserve tank and pipes(not
>> included, and I don't know how to make it) at fuserage?
Matt> Although I shouldn't - I'm operating from memory here. Wasn't the
Matt> radiator underneath the nose? About mid-way between the front of the
Matt> fuselage and the forward portion of the undercarriage? Or was it
Matt> directly in line with the undercarriage? Wasn't it "retractable" as
Matt> well - moveable in and out of the fuselage depending on how much
Matt> "radiation" was needed?

Hmmmm... Matt, I did not know that DH9's radiator is moveable.

I got DH9's image from online-archive, but it is sideview too:-(
You said it, I found radiator at underneath the nose.
I thought it is oil-cooler in there. But it is incorrect, it is radiator.
It is written very small in sideview of Bluerider's instruction, so I thought
it is oil-cooler as like Hawker Fury's.

Matt> Pulling up my database, I see the following Windsock references:
Matt> Vol 3 No 3, Vol 3 No 4, Vol 5 No 1, Vol 8 No 2 (which contains the
Matt> actual review as done by Rimmel) and Vol 10 No 4 (which also contains
Matt> a review of the re-release).

Thank you looking for. I will purchase Windsock Vol 8 No 2.

Matt> Scale Models had a few instances of DH9's, but not any dealing
Matt> specific with the Blue Rider conversion. Dec 1989 and - more
Matt> importantly - Oct 1975. The Oct 1975 issue actually has someone
Matt> converting an Airfix DH4 into a DH9, basically from "scratch" (versus
Matt> using a conversion "kit").

I remenber most inportant question.
I read in any books that DH4 and DH9 had window in root of starboard under
Is there through hole or transparent panel? And what shape is it?


Regards, Hiro.

--Hirohisa ozaki