Re: Sopwith Pup - aileron pulley conundrum

Mike Franklin (
Mon, 30 Oct 1995 13:34:04 -0800

>> Shane,
>> > The only other solution which comes to mind is adhering a patch of
>> > celophane or similar over the hole. It should be possible to cut it to
>> > represent the outline of the mounting strips (reference - Windsock
>> > Datafile special, Sopwith Pup page 33)
>> > Anyone with another, better, idea ?
>> Yep. Make your cut-out, insert pulley assembly, and fill cut-out
>> with white glue.
> Or Crystal-Clear, or clear acrylic....
MY suggestion would be to cut out the triangular hole, drill out the
cable channels and install a working system that moves with the
control stick. Only a suggestion mind you . . . . .


What I have done tho is cut out the triangular hole and srcape a small
ledge around to fit a small piece of clear acetate on the clear side and a
thin piece of styrene on the other. Don't putty the clear side, but do the
opaque side.