Re: AN Ila Muromets

Jesse Thorn (
Mon, 30 Oct 1995 17:06:14 -0500 (EST)

I bought a copy of the kit over the weekend at a local hobby shop for
$19.95 also. I agree with everything Charles said about the moldings.

I compared my kit with drawings in the old Harleyford book. There are
shape inconsistencies for the wings, tailplanes, and rudders. I do not
know if the drawings are accurate - old book. I also compared them to the
drawings in Combat Aircraft of WWI in Color. Again, there are shape

I assume the kit represents a Mk V. Perhaps there were design differences
during the production run of the original aircraft and this accounts for
the shape discrepencies. Anyway, I have been looking thru my pile of old
FSMs trying to find the volume with the article about Bob Rice's
scratchbuilt Ilya. I seem to recall this had drawings, also.

Neat kit. Should build into an impressive model.

FYA: The legalese on the box says the model is not suitable for children
under 36 months of age! So, you new fathers better look for another kit
for your kids.