Brian Nicklas (NASAD003@SIVM.SI.EDU)
Mon, 30 Oct 95 17:43:35 EST

I can ask Paul Silbermann (I'll forward your question).

A query letter to NASM Archives should find out if they have what you need
and what photocopy charges would be.
I answer questions from all over the globe, not just the USA.
Sometimes I can send a short answer without any fees involved.
Of course, with limited funds, donations and/or joining the
National Air and Space Society wouldn't hurt. :-)

Send your query (with snail Mail/regular surface mail address) to:
National Air and Space Museum
Archives Division
MRC 322
Washington DC 20560

202-357-3133 telephone
202-786-2835 telefax

Hope this helps!
Brian Nicklas
National Air and Space Museum
Archives Division
NASAD003@SIVM.SI.EDU (don't send questions here! :-)