RE: Wing ribs
01 Nov 95 13:22:00 EST

Hello Matt,

You asked:
>How do you "replace" sanded off, molded in wing ribs?

>I like Rimmel's idea of scoring where the rib should go, then
>liquid-gluing stip styrene in the cut.

Depends on the scale rather.

In 1:72 I cut _very_ narrow strips of 5 thou plasticard and liquid glue
them on. I find this more repeatable than trying to stretch enough flat
section sprue to the same size. Then spray with either a thickish coat of
Testors primer, or Gunze equivalent and sand with fine wet and dry to
take the edges off.

At 1:48 I tend to use Harry Woodmans skinning in 5 or 10 thou embossed
card technique, similar to the core and card method I use to
scratchbuild. Gives excellent results but takes a fair bit of practice,
and is only practicable if you intend replacing all the ribs and aren't
just fixing localised problems.

For what its worth