Re: Wood fuselage Fokker D.VII's

Erik Pilawskii (
Wed, 1 Nov 1995 09:55:43 -0800 (PST)

On Wed, 1 Nov 1995, Matt Bittner wrote:

> The serial number is 541/18 (Alb), and I can't tell if the wings and
> horizontal tail surfaces were covered in lozenge - naval or
> otherwise. However, the fuselage is painted interestingly. The
> picture is a complete side shot - meaning that the camera was at 45
> degrees to the port fueslage side - and you can make out all fuselage
> details. It *appears* that the fuselage was left natural wood, with
> another color (olive?) _smeared_ - not streaked - on the fuselage.
> However, since I am NOT an expert in colors or how to distunguish
> them in black and white photo's, the color info is mere speculation.

Hmmm... *intere3ant*! Thanks for the burb.

> A side note: I am not an expert at anything. I will give my
> opinion if asked, and it will be my opinion. I have a vast library
> I'm willing to share with the list, and will try to do so when - and
> if - I can. When I operate from memory (which is dulled at times) I
> try to say that. If I make a mistake with something I wrote, I'm
> sorry, and I'll try to say that when the point is made. If anbody
> has any problems with what I write, then let me know. If the
> feeling is strong that I talk to much "out the side of the neck",
> and uninformed, then I'll unsubscribe. I also make spelling
> mistrakes...;-)
Matt, *whew*! You seem to be feeling a little peppered! Well, don't let
it bug you. I mean, you could *never* achieve the level of 'duncing' regularly
attained by persons like myself [indeed, I'll be the Coach for the 1996
Olympic Gaff Team...]. And, besides, I like to read yer posts, anyway,
even if they're not 'documented' and substitute "its" for "it's" ;^) ! BY
NO MEANS do something untoward like [whisper] unsubscribe! Begone woes
and frets!

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