New WWI kits in '96

Wallace, Jim (jwallace@DCA.COM)
Thu, 02 Nov 95 07:25:59 EST

I forgot my notes so these details may be a bit blurry.

I talked to a local hobby shop owner who just got back from a big
trade show in Chicago. Of WWI interest, he said the Revell is coming
out with 1/28 scale Fokker DVII - to go with the Dr.1 they have had
for a long time.

For the figure painters, a new Rauol Lufbury 120mm figure with Whiskey
and Soda is coming out by the company that did the Baron.

Glencoe has bought the old Aurora molds for the 1/48 series and has
cleaned them up extensively, made them more accurate and reworked many
of the parts. He didn't know which planes where being release but
they all would have InvisClear (sp?) decals for multiple planes. They
would also include the ground crews. They should retail for less than
$10. -- This should give the scratch builders and kitbashers some new
1/48 fodder, instead of the expensive Eduard and DML kits!

Speaking of Eduard, I saw the first in the 'Never Fighting Ladies' (or
something like that) series. It was the German Floh. *Very* odd
looking plane. The hobby shop also had the Fokker DVI, (yes, 6) and
the Pup. I forget which German two-seater they had since at $40, I
put it down right away :-(. I guess I'll have to stick to the more
economical 1/72 stuff.

Jim Wallace