03 Nov 95 12:35:00 EST

GDay folks,

I had cause last night to flick through volume 8 and the current volume
of Windsock, which brought this recent exchange to mind.

>On 23 Oct 95 at 20:13, Gerald P. McOsker typed diligently:

>> parcelling out the goodies in a bi-monthly effort [ and littering the
>>effort lately with all of those post war Russian,Estonian, Polish

and Matt replied:
>Hear, hear about the "littering". My only problem with working in
>through the web page is that some of us don't have web access yet
>(someday, someday).

It struck me that the best (IMHO) volumes of Winsock date back at least
a couple of years. Not that Windsock is in any danger of being relegated
from my favourite magazine status, just that it seems somehow less than
it was.

I wonder if the well is beginning to dry up. Increasingly the content
seems to be slipping out of WW1, and the WW1 content is of more and more
obscure aircraft. The older mags had plans of far better known subjects,
many of which are now covered (or will soon be covered) by Datafiles.
Obviously it would be in Albatross' interest to steer away from such
subjects with the exception of a few photos to whet ones appetite, rather
than risking sales.

Whatever material remains available to Ray Rimmell must surely start to
dry up sometime :-(