Re: Windsock

C.P. Hart (
Fri, 3 Nov 1995 13:06:01 +0000


Shane has written re: Windsock:
>I wonder if the well is beginning to dry up. Increasingly the content
>seems to be slipping out of WW1, and the WW1 content is of more and more
>obscure aircraft. The older mags had plans of far better known subjects,
>many of which are now covered (or will soon be covered) by Datafiles.
>Obviously it would be in Albatross' interest to steer away from such
>subjects with the exception of a few photos to whet ones appetite, rather
>than risking sales.

With a limited archive of photos to draw upon, it is an expected
consequence that sooner than later Ray Rimell's well would begin to run
dry. There are still many aspects of WW I aviation that can be written on
which have received limited or even no coverage in the past. The question
is how much of this does Ray have access to, or permission to publish ??
He has created a splendid volume of work. While "new" photos of WW I
aircraft will continue to surface, how many of these will he know about or
even see ?