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Douglas R. Jones (djones@iex.com)
Fri, 03 Nov 1995 14:46:39 -0600

Got my copy of The 'Great' Times from the Great War Aeroplanes Association.
This is one of the groups that is forming from the ashes of The First.
Anyway they have the first of what looks like a 2 part article by Dick
Hansen. Disck, for those who don't follow the scale R/C world, is a WWI
modeler from way back andworks very closely with the Proctor folks.
Apparently Dick, friends and Proctor were approached by Lucasfilm to do some
model flying for the Young Indiana Jones adventure "The Attack of the
Hawkmen' which was a topic of discussion here a couple weeks ago. The pilots
and aircraft used were -

Mike Brewer - Albatros DVa
Randy Hansen - Nieuport 11
Dennis Welty - Nieuport 28
Dick Hansen - Albatros DVa, Nieuport 11 and a BE2e

So now I REALLY want to see this thing! Did anybody get a tape?

If anyone is interested in a mounted 4" square piece of fabric from a DVa or
DH4 (from the Smithsonian restorations), GWAA is offering them with
documentation about the original aircraft and a letter of authenticity from
the Smithsonian for $198 each or framed for $338. Call 800-533-7763 if you
are interested!

Charlie Knotek is offerings a catalog or his Air-wear. Neat T-shirts! Write to:
Sky Etching, Inc.
P.O. Box 855
Syosset, NY 11791

I have a couple of WWI aviation t-shirts I picked up at Rhinebeck. They are
great. Nice conversation pieces.

Seems that a fellow named Tim Starks is holding the 1st Annual Western Front
Gathering of Eagles, June 24 - 27, 1996 at the Cloverdale Airport,
Cloverdale, CA. 70m N of SF. He claims there will be Formation Tours, 2
place rides, artifacts, swap meet, WWI R/C models and looks like either the
models or full scale (it isn't specific) will be doing balloon busts, flour
drop, spot landing etc. After dark will be barbecue and WWI movies. Call
(210) 748-2112 for more info.

So there you have it. Some stuff. I have no interest in any of these groups
either by membership or by financial involvement. Just thought the list was
a bit slow these days and needed SOMETHING on it!

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