Re: Imperial War Museum
Sat, 4 Nov 95 16:40 CST


I don't know how useful this pic of Camel N6812 is going to be to your
modelling project. The aircraft is suspended from the ceiling, and I
took the shot from below, front quarter view. From here it is impossible
to see if the Vickers have been removed and wing-mounted Lewis installed.

The Camel does not appear to be painted in a night-fighting scheme. The
cockades are the new style with the thin white outer wing. The undersides
of the planes are the natural doped linen. The fuselage, cowling, wheel
covers, and (I assume) top planes are a rather green version of PC10.
One unusual feature; the elevators have blue, white, and red stripes on
at least the lower surface.

If you still think the pic would be useful, drop me a private message with
your snail-mail address and I'll let you borrow it.

Bill Ciciora