Insignia (Issue 1)
07 Nov 95 08:18:00 EST

Hello all,

Having received my first issue of Blue Rider's new magazine yesterday I
have a question and a few comments for the list.

Hands up all those who can tell me the colour of the Carinthian air arms
cockades, fin flashes and chevrons in 1918 and 1919. That many of you?
Well consider me stupid because I never knew, and having scanned the six
page article (four pages of markings profiles) contained in the first
issue of Insignia twice, I STILL don't know.

For some reason, they don't appear to be mentioned. A curious oversight,
and one a cynic would say is answered in the last paragraph of the
article, in which the reader is gently reminded that Blue Rider make a
sheet of just these markings. Personally, I'd prefer to believe that
it's an oversight by someone so close to the material that he's forgotten
that this is not exactly common knowledge.

In fact, the entire magazine presents subjects that aren't common
knowledge. As indicated in the Editorial, they intend to stick to the
tiny and oddball, and let Superscale, Aeromaster et al. fight it out over
the big'uns. A worthy aim in itself. The content is certainly varied,
from WW1 to the obligatory bend of the knee to the Air War 1947 fan, and
a artists impression of the A-17. I can do without such wild guesses
(remember the hilarious "Stealth" fighter kits and impressions which look
nothing like the reality) but still found plenty of interest.

As noted by another listmember, the magazine includes a small sheet of
decals for the Polikarpov R-1 ( An Airco DH-9a derivative) Printing
quality is quite nice, pretty much standard Blue Rider fare.

It also includes brief reviews of Kits and Decals. In this case the kits
are all Chris Gannons' Pegasus and Blue Max products. Advertising
content is muted, more in line with the percentage of the publication
used in this fashion in other UK magazines than the more heavily ad
oriented US glossies. Production style is somewhat like Windsock, with
the drawings removed and Colour and Markings sideviews in the style of
Scale Aircraft Modelling added instead.

Bottom line - I don't regret spending the money on a creditable first
effort and wish Richard Humberstone all the best with this venture.

Shane Weier