RE: Goering's Fokker D-7

Bill Shatzer (
Tue, 7 Nov 1995 00:56:53 -0800

>I don't know about the possible wing stripes. Every profile I've ever
>seen says nothing but the crosses up top, but of course, that doesn't
>mean they aren't all wrong ! You do love a mystery dont you?

Shane: Yep, that's what my references always said which is why I
never looked closely before. _But_, them 'dark patches' are definitely
there so the 'all white' D VII ain't an _all_ white D. VII after all.

There's, at the minimum, the 'dark patches' on the wing tips and
they might lead to some sorta design on the upper wings - if only
I could find a photo of the upper wings!

Mysteries 'R' us! Which is _why_ I really like WW1. Unlike
the later eras, there is still some possibility of us amateurs
figuring out something new and original. 'Course, I've only
got one 'new and original' finding to my credit so far - which
is still awaiting general recognition! - but ask me about the 'blue'
(?) fuselage band on the 'sharkmouth' Roland CII and I'll
show you why it doesn't -really- exist!


Bill Shatzer - - -