Re: Great Find this weekend!!!!!

Matt Bittner (
Tue, 7 Nov 1995 07:22:58 -0500

On 7 Nov 95 at 7:11, Boeke Joseph R typed diligently:

> The decal sheet with the Nieuport is for an American plane (Hat in Ring
> squadron) and I am assuming from the parts that it is probably a Nie.17.
> Anyone have an idea who made this model? Revell maybe? Airfix? Would
> anyone be willing to photo-copy a set of instructions for me?

Either Revell, ESCI or Eldon. Those last two are "clones" of Revell.
I would suspect the decals, though. Wait, here's a thought: is the
fuselage "roundish" or "squarish"? If it's "roundish", then you have
Revell's Nieuport 28 (which would be my guess since the decals have
the "Hat in the Ring" (94th Aero?)); if "square", then it's the
Nie.17. HOWEVER (you knew one was coming, didn't you?), Merlin
released a Nieuport 11 a "few" years back, and it may be this -
although unlikely, since it's the HitR. Although it sounds injected
be aware that there are a few resin and vacuform Nieuports lying

Let me know what you find out, and I'll photocopy the instructions
for you. If it's the Nie.17, then I'll just copy the Revell
instructions, since they're all the same.

> At any rate, I plan on using at leats one of the Sopwith Pups as the
> basis for an article on kitbashing a Sopwith Triplane (since there isn't
> one currently avialable in 1/72). I thought that might make for an
> interesting article in FSM or somewhere.

Haven't been able to find any Revell Sopwith Triplanes? If you're
*really* interested, I suppose I could let one of mine go. Email me

> I also recalled that some one else made an injection W.29, but I can't
> remember who for the life of me now. I'll call Rosemont and ask.

Nobody I know of. With *talk* of MPM releasing WW1 subjects, that
was one directly from the rumor mill. Czechmaster's has a resin one,
and I think Wings 72 has a vac one (or someother manufacturer), but
no injected I know of. Although I have been wrong in the past.

> Finally, what was your best WWI model "find". Has anyone ever run across
> a Meikraft Caproni for $5 (I wish :)

Hahahahahahahahahaha - as if that one hasn't been already snatched.

My best WW1 find was the Airfix Mk.I male I found for $3 at the '94

Unless you count that Eduard Hannover I won at a raffle! :-)


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