Re: Great Find this weekend!!!!!

Allan Wright (
Tue, 7 Nov 1995 08:29:14 -0500 (EST)

> Okay, this weekend I was able to pick up several (5) models at a really
> good price. This is my best WWI modelling bargin, and I am pretty
> excited so I thought I would share. For $10 total I picked up:
> 3 x Airfix Sopwith Pups
> 1 x Miekraft H-B W.29
> 1 x ??? misc. Nieuport

You - you got a deal - the Miekraft H-B W.29 should go for over $10 alone!

> I think I did pretty good (especially with the W.29 :). However, every
> silver lining has a cloud... The Sopwith Pups and Nieuport were without
> instructions. I was able to identify the pup by the decal sheet, but I
> haven't been able to ID the Nieuport yet.

Send me your Snail Mail address - I have an extra copy of the pup instructions
I can mail you - I keep EVERYTHING.

> The decal sheet with the Nieuport is for an American plane (Hat in Ring
> squadron) and I am assuming from the parts that it is probably a Nie.17.
> Anyone have an idea who made this model? Revell maybe? Airfix? Would
> anyone be willing to photo-copy a set of instructions for me?

Hat in the ring? Probably Revell's Nieuport 28: Rounded wing tips? 2 Guns?
round-ish fuselage cross section? As far as I know the 28 is the only
Nieuport the americans flew as the Hat in the Ring - the other Nieuports
were flown as the Lafayette Escadrille.

If it is the 28 I can give you a photocopy of those instructions also.

> At any rate, I plan on using at leats one of the Sopwith Pups as the
> basis for an article on kitbashing a Sopwith Triplane (since there isn't
> one currently avialable in 1/72). I thought that might make for an
> interesting article in FSM or somewhere.

The Revell Sopwith Tripes are fairly easy to get on the used market as
Revell had re-released them as a bagged kit in the mid 80's. That doesn't
mean you still can't improve the kit by using the pup's fuselage.

> I also recalled that some one else made an injection W.29, but I can't
> remember who for the life of me now. I'll call Rosemont and ask.

Barry will know I'm sure. Or probably someone else on the list...Matt?

> Finally, what was your best WWI model "find". Has anyone ever run across
> a Meikraft Caproni for $5 (I wish :)

Hmmmm. $2.30 sopwith tripes once - bought 5! Also all the ESCI stuff was on
sale at toy liquidators about a year ago for $0.99 each - but I only
heard about this deal - others on the list cashed in on it.