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Tue, 7 Nov 1995 07:22:58 -0500

Shane, don't worry, I'm still here. Just a bit under the weather.

The latest WW1 Aero came in the mail yesterday. Another fine effort
put out by Leo Opdyke. If Windsock fails you, WW1 Aero will never
let you down. Granted, at times it goes in the other direction that
Windsock when material is hard to come by, but it's a better
direction than post-war.

Stand-outs in this issue include:

- The cover art, depicting a "what might have been", with a 1911
Antoinette Monobloc overflying Paris and the Eiffel Tower.
- Albatros D.II colors by Dan San Abbott: a must have if you plan on
building this early Albatros.
- The "puzzle" over Fokker Dr.I's structure continued
- An "unknown" author providing color info for Russian Nie.24bis
- Fokker dataplates and Sopwith Baby cockpit photo's in
- Drawings, which include a reproduction of Kiger's drawings on the
SE5a - as well as one side view of a Fokker D.VII.

Finally, a review - in Publications - of the "latest" publication put
out by OFH - the Association of Austrian Aircraft Historians. This
"latest" pub is of the Hansa-Brandenburg D.I. I have a "few" of
their publications, and they're worth it - especially since the cost is
low (somewhere around $4 to $8, if I remember correctly). Granted,
the entire text is in German, but the line drawings and color info is
good, and they provide for some off the wall machines. I've gotten
mine from Articles of War in IL, and they usually carry what they

I hardily recommend subscribing to WW1 Aero. There has *always* been
something that I can use.

I also plan on writing them, and asking Leo about our "proposed" WW1
model special. I'm also going to plug the list, so watch a later
issue for info on that.

Finally, in "Wants and Disposals", the following:

"Internet: we have been in touch with people at Aero.Com
( about their information service involving sources of
info, museums, organizations, etc. They have kindly put us on their
Internet listing. Look for it!"

I am going to do that, right now.


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