Great Find this weekend!!!!!
08 Nov 95 11:40:00 EST

Hi folks,

Joe asks:
>Finally, what was your best WWI model "find". Has anyone ever run
>a Meikraft Caproni for $5 (I wish :)

Had the good luck to get three of the old Hawk 1:48 Nieuport 17's for
under US$5 the lot while on my vacation earlier this year. They aren't
state of the art, but are close enough to make a reasonably accurate
replica without too much effort.

Or maybe I could consider the Putnam "German Giants" by Haddow and Grosz
which I won for 0.20c in a raffle a month or two back as a "find".

Incidentally, I am unreasonably jealous of Joe's W.29 prize !