Is that a Rumpler in your pocket or...

Mark K. Nelson (
Tue, 7 Nov 1995 22:28:04 -0700

Tuesday Nov. 7, 1995 (only 4 days to go.)

Well, I was disapointed once again - The Eduard Floh & D.IV didn't show up
at work today, but boy did I get a nice surprise on arriving home:

The *NEW* Pegasus 1/72 Rumpler C.IV! - I'd pre-ordered it so long ago that
I'd completely forgotten.

NOTE: I have not yet built this yet (obviously), so this is simply a
commentary on accuracy and contents & features. . .

1/72 Rumpler C.IV (Blunt nosed version.):


The kit's contents include 4 injected sprues, decals for one aircraft,
metal bits, strut material, and instructions. The injected parts include
left and right fuselage halves with separate cowling front, upper and lower
wings (both in left/right spans), tail parts, propeller, wheels and
spreader, belly 'strake', tailskid, floor and bulkheads; metal parts
include engine head, cabane and landing gear struts, seat, radiator
,control stick(s?), and a parabellum with telescope sight; decals are for
one aircraft; there is also 1 piece of contrail strut, and 1 thin rod.

Details are very finely done with extremely lightly raised wing ribs and
delicate fuselage detail. The wings & tail are molded in left and right
sections. The ailerons have washout, there is a compass housing on the
starboard lower wing and walkways on both lower wings. The fuselage is very
nice and features an integrally molded spandau muzzle, fine panel and panel
stitching, and even underside arpeture detail. As mentioned the blunt nose
piece is a seperate component and no parts are provided for the earlier
version with spinner. Don't forget that the engine was tilted at a slight
angle to the port. Interior detail includes one nicely padded seat, 2(!?)
control sticks, floor, and front and rear bulkheads. The rudder pedals are
molded on the finely engraved (wood) floor. The bulkeads feature some
'wiring' detail. Decals include crosses and personal markings for an
aircraft Marine Feld Flieger Abteilung - color plate 3 & the middle photo
on page 34 of the datafile (#35). The decals also include instument bezels,
rigging notes (A first!), and in a weird touch: 14 unused Axial logos -
always handy spares.

NOTE: on page 34 of the datafile there is a starboard 3/4 picture of a
similar (possibly the same) aircraft with a small white name (RLR thinks it
might be 'Caracho') on the nose. this decal is not included.

The instructions are step by step text with an exploded drawing, color
notes are a 4-view on the box.

Windsock datafile 35 is very handy for this kit, especially when it comes
to painting.

The kit scales out well with 3-views in the datafile.

HITS: fine detail, complete nature, 'original' marking choice.
MISS: lack of early spinner nosed parts.

1/72 Rumpler C.IV: kit # 3008
(UK pounds) 11.99 from C. Gannon (The Blue Max/Pegasus Guys.)


Mark (From Kites & Other Delights in West Edmonton Mall)