Re: Goering's Fokker D-7

Bill Shatzer (
Tue, 7 Nov 1995 22:21:00 -0800

>These are painted out "hand-Hold" areas on the wing tips. This particular
>machine was customized for Goering by the Fokker factory and includes
>a cut down cockpit,extra hand grips, and the factory all white paint job.

Hmmm! Maybe, they certainly _do_ look like they could be hand grips.
Which, to continue the mystery, raises a couple of other questions.
If they are handgrips,

1) Why? The 'normal' Fokkers seemed to work just fine without 'em.
What was the impetus for installing 'em on Goering's aircraft?

2) Why are they painted out in a dark color (black?)

3) Hand holds on the _upper_ wing? Was Goering's ground crew composed
soley of ex-Boston Celtics? What could be the possible purpose of
handholds on the upper wing - who could even reach 'em?


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