Re: Goering's Fokker D-7

Don Rinker (
Wed, 8 Nov 95 06:35 EST

On Tue, 7 Nov 1995, (Bill Shatzer) wrote:

>>These are painted out "hand-Hold" areas on the wing tips. This particular
>>machine was customized for Goering by the Fokker factory and includes
>>a cut down cockpit,extra hand grips, and the factory all white paint job.
>Hmmm! Maybe, they certainly _do_ look like they could be hand grips.
>Which, to continue the mystery, raises a couple of other questions.
>If they are handgrips,
>1) Why? The 'normal' Fokkers seemed to work just fine without 'em.
> What was the impetus for installing 'em on Goering's aircraft?

Not HANDGRIPS , hand holding areas for carrying the wing. On a normal D-VII
these areas are marked out with a simple semi circular stenciled marking
in the approxiomate shape of the blacked out area on Goering s plane
As I recall it say "Hier Anfassen" or something to that effect. Meaning
hold here.

>2) Why are they painted out in a dark color (black?)


>3) Hand holds on the _upper_ wing? Was Goering's ground crew composed
> soley of ex-Boston Celtics? What could be the possible purpose of
> handholds on the upper wing - who could even reach 'em?

See above @ #1

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