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Matt Bittner (
Wed, 8 Nov 1995 07:22:59 -0500

Although I haven't talked to Barry in a while - heck, I can't talk to
anybody with laryngitis - I did get his latest flyer in the mail.
Here is what's new:

- Maquette Ltd. 1/72nd Ilya Muromets - $17.95
- Roseplane 1/72nd Caproni Pensuti Triplane 1918 - $22.95
- Roseparts 1/48th Sopwith Pup Conversion Cowls and Navel Skids
- Tom's Halberstadt Cl.IV - $35.95
- The announcement of new Windsock stuff: 3 "Mini-Datafiles", #1 -
Albatros W.4, #2 - PZK.2 AH Helicopter, and #3 - Lewis guns; and a
"new" Richtofen bio by AE Ferko ("Over 200 photos; 16 new color
profiles") all are due in in the beginning of December
- Eduards 1/48th Fokker D.VI - $22.49
- Eduards DFW T-28 - $19.75
- Atlee Models resin, assorted 1/72nd seats - $4.00; pack includes
one "British", one "Austro-Hungarion", one "French", and one
"German". Note that all seats have molded in seat belts.
- New Aeromaster 1/48th decals, which include Dr.I, Albatros, D.VII
and Pfalz collections.

After I talk - or rather "whisper" - to Barry today, I'll let you
know if there's anything else coming down the pike.

Anybody heard when Glencoe is releasing their Aurora kits?


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