Re: Great Find this weekend!!!!!

Joseph R. Boeke (
Wed, 08 Nov 1995 10:32:15 -0500

At 08:29 AM 11/7/95 -0500, you wrote:
>Send me your Snail Mail address - I have an extra copy of the pup instructions
>I can mail you - I keep EVERYTHING.

Cool, thank you!!!! My snail address is:

Joe Boeke
231 N. 3rd Street
Lewisburg, PA 17837-1505

I did some comparing of the Nieuport to my Harleyford fighters book, and it
looks like it is the Revell Nie.28, if you could send both sets instructions
to me, I would be most appreciative.

Right now I have 2 Tripes that I have finished and another waiting in the
wings. I am trying to do all five of the original Black Flight machines. I
haven't really seen very many of the Tripes around (of course there aren't
really any hobby shops around here either :( So I thought it shouldn't be
too hard to ktbash the Pup (besides, I though it might make a good article
for FSM). If you see a tripe around and it is less than $5, I wouldn't mind
picking up a copy or two more :) Please let me know.

BTW, will you be attending Cold Wars this year? I hope to meet you there
(or at Historicon). Now that I live close, I think my wife will actually
let me go :)

Talk to you soon, and thanks for the instruction photo copies...

- Joe

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