Brian Nicklas (NASAD003@SIVM.SI.EDU)
Wed, 25 Oct 95 09:36:49 EDT

Yes, I could take pictures of the wing and such while the
a/c was under work. The workmanship around the compass housing
is superb. But getting images back from the photo lab were another
thing entirely. You know what happens when E-6 film goes through
a C-41 process and vise-versa? You get VERY mad, to say the least.
So if someone else gets pics, all the better.
And the Ford TriMotor next to it is incredible! Looks brand new
(It pretty much is!) I was told they asked at Ford if they had a spec.
on the ribbed-rubber floor mat for the passenger area and were told to
wait for a call back and they (Ford) would check. A few days passed
and then a large box with a roll of mat showed up on the loading dock!
Found in a warehouse, and sent to support the project. One of those
stories I sure hope is true!
There is also a formerly submerged Great Lakes Navy Grumman 'cats
under rebuild. Nice shop, but things are packed everywhere...
Brian Nicklas