RE: Australian War Memorial Pictures
25 Oct 95 09:24:00 EDT

Hello all,

Al wrote:

>Charles Hart's Australian War Memorial Pictures
>are now on-line on the Web page - check them
>out - they're nice!

I have just had a look and agree with Al. Nice. Thanks Charles, for doing
what I (a native), should have done.

Some comments. On _my_ web browser / pc / monitor combination the fabric
on the Albatros comes out looking like a harlequins pants - all bright
primary colours. This is no fault of Charles or Al, or the AWM for that
matter, but simply a failing of this electronic medium, which others may
also suffer.

The SE5a is marked for 2 Squadron Australian Flying Corps, which AFAIK
was the only AFC squadron which used them on active service. This form
of marking (the boomerang) was also used by the other Australian Western
Front squadrons, until the RFC brass decided it made them too obviously
Australian. All squadrons then reverted to British style markings with
boring white bars etc. to identify the squadrons.

I have the aircraft serial number at home and will post it later. As
Charles notes, it is not an aircraft used by 2AFC but one of the
"Imperial Gift" aircraft given to Australia and other countries from
British stock as part of their thanks for assistance given. As such its
service probably spanned the change from AFC to RAAF (1921)