Re: A7V tank

Matt Bittner (
Wed, 25 Oct 1995 07:39:05 -0500

On 24 Oct 95 at 15:13, Brian Nicklas typed diligently:

> There is a new kit in resin out of the A7V.
> It is reviewed in Military Models (UK) and is from
> a firm in Scotland (I think)
> The kit is 1/76 scale, not 1/72.
> If someone else has details, great, if not, I'll try to get
> name, cost, addressif anyone is interested.

As the post from Michel stated, it's by Milicast. Has anyone
(Michel?) purchased it yet? I really want to do an A7V in this
scale - would prefer 1/72nd - but am unsure if I want to spend that
kind on money on it. As I stated earlier, it's being advertised in
FSM from ? for $29.50. There's also another UK company putting out a
resin 25mm Ft 17.


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