Re: trips and pics

Bob Pickwoad (
Tue, 24 Oct 1995 18:58:30 -0700 (MST)

At 01:36 PM 10/24/95 +0000, wrote:
>Erik has written:
>> In two weeks I'll be heading off southern California. While there, I'll
>>be visiting the Champlain Museum in San Deigo, and the Chino Museum in Chino
>>(of all places ;^). Any photographic requests from the Gallery?
>> There's not anything of WWI interest at Chino [but you can always PGP
>>those requests for "other" stuff...!], but what about Champlain? Do they
>>have a SPAD XIII? I can't recall. I'll have to go look at that book in
>>the library again. Anyone?...
> I wonder if you may have your signals a little crossed. There is the
>Champlin Fighter Museum in Tuscon AZ (very nice Aviatik Berg D-I there, its
>an original) along with their fighter pilot hall of fame. I can never
>recall the name of the San Diego musuem, made a brief visit there about 8
>years ago. I think that their SPAD is the only original WW I type in the
>collection. It is perhaps a SPAD VII ?? Help needed here.
> Sorry, guys. The Champlin Museum is in Mesa, Arizona. Along with the
collection of planes are dried puddles of drool from yours truly. I try to
make it there at least twice a's about 30 miles from my house.