Re: trips and pics

Mike Franklin (
Tue, 24 Oct 1995 12:56:19 -0700

>Erik has written:
>> In two weeks I'll be heading off southern California. While there, I'll
>>be visiting the Champlain Museum in San Deigo, and the Chino Museum in Chino
>>(of all places ;^). Any photographic requests from the Gallery?
>> There's not anything of WWI interest at Chino [but you can always PGP
>>those requests for "other" stuff...!], but what about Champlain? Do they
>>have a SPAD XIII? I can't recall. I'll have to go look at that book in
>>the library again. Anyone?...
> I wonder if you may have your signals a little crossed. There is the
>Champlin Fighter Museum in Tuscon AZ (very nice Aviatik Berg D-I there, its
>an original) along with their fighter pilot hall of fame. I can never
>recall the name of the San Diego musuem, made a brief visit there about 8
>years ago. I think that their SPAD is the only original WW I type in the
>collection. It is perhaps a SPAD VII ?? Help needed here.
Hello all,
I believe the museum in San Diego is the San Diego Air and Space
Museum, in Balboa Park very near the San Diego Zoo. It burned down
a few years back, but has been re-built since.

The Champlain Fighter Museum is (was) in Mesa, Arizona, about
25 min. due east of Phoenix. They have been talking about moving
and may ( read may) be closed for the move by now. I would advise
calling before visiting to confirm.

If you are going to the Los Angeles area, be sure to visit Paul
Frielers Historical Models in Torrance. One of the finest collections of
built models anywhere. Many are scratch built and outstanding.

Also, there are many interesting airplanes at the Santa Monica
Airport, worth a trip if you're in the area.

As mentioned the Chino Planes of Fame is a must see. Their Hanriot
HD.1 is the first WW-1 aeroplane I ever saw and was highly instrumental
in my subsequent life long love of old planes. Be sure to check out
the buildings in the back as there is a collection of what must be every
plastic airplane kit ever produced.

Best of luck and have fun, Mike