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John Snyder (
Tue, 24 Oct 1995 08:03:30 -0800

Yesterday I suggested contacting The SubCommittee for information on
their experiences publishing their slick, thick quarterly on submarines,
and promised to provide addresses & names. Contact via snail mail is to
Gene Berger, Editor, The SubCommittee Report, 105 Long Bridge Road,
Hampton VA 23669-2020. The only e-mail address they have is for their
Exchange Editor (wants & disposals), Jim Christley:

>>> Gerald P. McOsker <> 10/23/95 04:13pm >>>
Re: all of this angst about trying to get Kalmbach interested in putting out
a WWI special-

Could we do this ourselves? Could we keep it within some reasonable
I submit that we don't have the numbers to get a Kalmbach interested and
Dr. Rimell, bless his soul, is still a commercial effort interested in
parcelling out the goodies in a bi-monthly effort [ and littering the effort
lately with all of those post war Russian,Estonian, Polish examples]
Can we work it throughthe Web pages?

Gerry McOsker- Newport Rhode Island.

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