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Matt Bittner (
Tue, 24 Oct 1995 07:11:23 -0500

On 23 Oct 95 at 23:04, typed diligently and opened
another can of worms:

> Any suggestions for a 1/72 model!

Well, you just had to ask...

Assuming that money is in high regards: my three best
recommendations are Revell Dr.I, Revell Nieuport 28 and Airfix Pup.
The Dr.I does require some "clean up", but with Steve Hustad's
article in hand, it shouldn't prove too difficult. The Nieuport 28
is probably the easiest, since there is only one "major" flaw: the
engine/cowling. For the 28, drill out the molded in engine and
replace with a suitable alternative (Roseparts, Aeroclub or Engines
& Things). Thin down the cowl, add a couple of cooling holes (check
references) and (I think - can't remember this one too much) lengthen
it out a little. That's it. If you wanted to get really pedantic,
you could replace the struts, but if you're going for ease of
building, I wouldn't. The Airfix Pup has only a few "flaws": an
exhaust channel needs to be added to the fuselage underside behind
the cowl; a "kingpost" needs to be added to the rear of the fuselage;
and (again, if memory serves) the rudder needs to be attached to the
fuselage a little farther forward than it is. Again, the kit
wouldn't suffer if you replace the struts and scratch the entire
tailplane, but there is no need. The only "problem" is that the
interplane struts are attached to a "bar" that gets inserted into the
wing. I've seen this handled be either filling in the "trench" and
replacing the struts with Contrail, or whatever; or you could use the
kit struts, attach them into the top wing, fill and sand as required,
then go from there.

If money isn't a factor, and you've got the time, then get the Plum
Blossom Lloyd C.V. The only problem with this is that it's *all
resin*, so if you're not familiar, than skip it. Again, if money
isn't a problem, then any of the *recent* offerings by Pegasus would
do you no wrong. I say *recent*, because their molding process has
gotten better, and there's little clean up.

Wow. You ask for help, and get a book. ;-) Man, I wish I would get
some real work to do! :-)


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