Re: ESCI Albatross D III

Matt Bittner (
Tue, 24 Oct 1995 06:53:35 -0500

On 23 Oct 95 at 20:00, Gerald P. McOsker typed diligently:

> back of the cockpit. I've done it and it does look better. The other two
> D-III's I'm working on are conversions using the Blue Rider Oeffag
> Albatross conversion kit which is readily available from moost dealers at
> around 9.00. ~Includes a vac fuselage metal engine, wheels prop- Very fine.

I'll second Gerry's opinion about the Oeffag conversion. If you get
the 53/153 series, you can use this as a straight Albatros D.III.
I've used this conversion with an ESCI D.III - just because I didn't
have, nor could I find a Revell one - and besides the wing being a
tad small, worked fine. IMHO, the Austro-Hungarian Oeffag schemes
are "more colorful" than their German counterparts. A stippeled
fuselage with the sworl fabrics looks wonderful.


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