24 Oct 1995 08:50:08 GMT

Gerry McOsker typed (my thoughts, - a soul mate?):

"(and littering the effort lately with all of those post war Russian,
Estonian, Polish examples)" when refering to "Dr. Rimell" and the
later/recent issues of Windsock magazine.

I thought *I* might have been the only one who noticed this recent
(over) emphasis and resented it! Too much post WW I stuff (eastern
conflicts especially) muddy the waters of WW I research IMHO. I've
noticed a lack of German WW I material in the magazine - now often
replaced by post war German craft in foriegn markings/service as a
substitute for REAL German WW I stuff.

But as John R. will atest, I tend to be fussy about such things (SWMBO
says anal retentive) and overly compulsive about the "purity" of my
beloved Windsock magazine! So you all can take my obsessive ramblings
with a grain of salt...:-)

Build the Fokker D.VII in Russian markings? - NEVER I say! ;-)

Steve H.
(The Mad Norseman!)